Saturday, November 18, 2006

session 2 getting started podcampwest


Gerry, broadcast backgroud. Audacity tools

Kevin, podcast, enjoying as a hobby.

Kris Smith, Nov 2004 start, 3 times a week and consulting.

Most people still don't know about podcasting. Sallie consumer of content. Still need a ipod? Only this audience 98% know about it. Producer and listening.

Not audio on the web. Brings RSS,
no need to worry about audience, can be large or small. Does matter. Open to all. Nil Cost.
Easy to get feedback. Two way medium. Extend conversation. free, and powerful, opensource, easy to learn. Fun
Methodology to create podcast. Committment, repeatable. Limited time.
1. record imput
2 Arrange files cronological order
3 Each file individual, not bits and pieces.
4 musical open and close
5 Segways between items file to file. Be best you can make them
6 Listen to your work. Take notes, brutal with yourself. Keep volumes constant. MP3 file and post.

Then start over.
Learn the short cuts, in the tools. e.g. controlZ

What about head phones from out loud speakers.

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