Tuesday, November 07, 2006

healthcamp 2 December 2006 SF

The first healthcamp unconference is set for Saturday 2 December 2006. If you are a health visionary, entrepreneur, radical free thinker or thought leader in the space, feel free to go to the wiki page and add yourself to the list of attendees.

The idea of having an unconference focused 100% on health is an exciting opportunity. During my time in Silicon Valley I have attended many events that have had health as their focus, baby boomer, life science, blogging, web2.0 and environmental networks but the over lap in people attending all these is very small. There are huge opportunities in health and healthcare right now and for these to be captured will require new thinking. We hope healthcamp will provide a great environment for those ideas to be openly exchanged. I am one of the co-planner of healthcamp. See you there.

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