Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Frost and swimming autumn

Made my first weekday swimming session today and the frost also chose to make it's first appearance of the season. It's was a case of brass monkey's! The water was warm and as long as you keep moving the wind chill on your head was minimal.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

How the Scot's .... book review

How the Scot's Invented the Modern World. Author Arthur Herman. I have just finished reading this book. A book that I would have probably never have purchased but given by chance, it was in the room I am renting in Mountain View, I decide to give it a read. And what a read. It may rate as one of my most important reads.

I have never been a fan of history. At school, Aboyne Academy, when we get the choice of subjects to take, History and Geography line up against each other and for me geography always wins. My predisposition is to vision, to looking forward, assuming each day represent a blank canvas to create the day and days ahead. Decades ago, about University days I recall reading or listening to the Winston Churchill quote, 'the further you can look back, the further into the future you can see.' Not an exact quote but words to those effects. This did seem to make some sense but I have invested very little time to history until recently.

Reading this book has allowed me to piece together a whole string of events, thoughts and some new enlightened conclusions from my free and independent thinking.

From my first trip to the United States of America, I have found that the average American I met turns out to be more Scottish than I, well they certainly know the clan or family tree trace back further than I do. Scottish history, battles, fighting with the English, Culloden, Battle of Bannock Burn, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and locally Roy and Gilder Roy. Economics, self interest, capitalism, Adam Smith and entrepreneurship, free trade to Andrew Carnegie. This book raps together all these worlds, with history the name of the story.

With the story being a lot richer than the parts I list. I enjoyed reading about (at least the authors view) to a greater depth the series of events and people that came together at time to be recorded as history. Here is a quick summary of what my mind has selected to stand out. Religion and war. One group of people fighting another. Education, from the Churches to the Scottish School, the Enlightenment Writers, Hume, Smith and Reid. More on them later. Pioneers to new lands opening up trade, tobacco to slaves. Government, taxes to tap into the wealth creation, naval military. The observation from the Enlightenment on both fighting and trade. Overwhelming question the school of philosophers was, What is the purpose of life? Must be a better way than all this death and constant political upheaval and poor living condition for the masses.

Clubs of intellectual discussions key to wider acceptance of the society and social change set out. Not won over night, some still argue the relevance even today, more fighting and environmental events, bad winters, drive Scots to North Ireland, 'fighting for every field', the Scotch-Irish are, ships to the colonies allow escape. At the same time Scotland's chooses Union with England and Scot's rise to take leading political positions and drive the formation of the British Empire. Twice. These forces collide in the American Colonies, Scotch-Irish and some highland Scot's fight against Scot's who side with the Union. The Colonies win and the winning Scot's drive on to reach the west coast. Defeated Scot's head for Canada, a top-down socialist model is formed. The United States, live by the self interest school of enlightenment. Freedom, independence of spirit creates a grass roots created society. 1800's see the industrialist come along and perfect the practices set out by the Scottish School, Andrew Carnegie sets a formula that looks like the Global Corporations we have today. Back in Scotland, devolution has happened, Union with England still the foundation, the start of a new era of change to drive a new enlightenment era?

Further thinking on entrepreneurship. Over the last decade there has been a strong push from Scottish entrepreneurs and politicians to create a strong entrepreneurial
culture. I have contributed by giving school talks. Having read this book I have been led to consider that this may not be the best strategy.

The Scottish School, the Enlightenment generation set an intellectual frame work or culture for what being a human and society were/are. They were philosophers. A set of papers that were read by the Andrew Carnegie's, Alexander Bells etc. to guide their entrepreneurial instincts.

If you make this interpretation, then it is not the teaching of entrepreneurship that should be our focus but to create an new intellectual framework that will be consumed by the enterprising.

What should or does this new intellectual framework read like? There seemed to be three main attributes of the Scottish School, The Enlightenment generation that formed the most educated nation on earth at the time. Maybe that says it all?

Hume, brought together the religious thinking with the secular thinking on what life is.

Adam Smith, observations on commerce and how the self interest of the individual and society play out.

Thomas Reid, The mind that brought us, common sense.

I think. If there is still three schools of thought that need to be brought together again they maybe.

Life demands to be lived. The next generation has the right to live too.

Commerce, capitalism has fullfilled it goals, a new 'attention' economy rules to consider e.g. economies of scale being challenged by economies of networks.

Not so much common sense, but 'unique life' that connects all to one earth.

Free and independent thinking. A school we should all belong to.

Autumn Sunshine Sylvan Drive

Autum Sunshine Sylvan Drive, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

Just one week left for November and its starting to feel like Autumn. Low single digit temperatures (celsius) but pleasantly warm 16 in the sunshine. The wind is back in the north so there is a general chill in the air. It feels like we are a season behind but the color of the leaves reminds you winter is next.

Scotch Abroad

Scotch Abroad, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

The nights are getting colder and the Scottish Whisky barons have a suggestion to heat you up.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

DIY should never mean doing it alone

Go to your Peers, Podcasting, videocasting etc.

All peers, listeners to content generators. All the same.

Mike Watt, look up or look down get a kink in the neck. Shoulder to shoulder better.

Group 2

Q should be help people share, grow comminity

Invest time other podcasting learn, is it important?

Sharing what worked, did not work. Try, things to try. Not to be afraid. Throw out crazyness.
All unique, not equal, different perspective.

Movement to force change.

Will equal radio, will that crowd out new people via intimation.

In the long run, better if you build your own brand.

Should we invest our time?
Yes, $10 class, 2 hours, here is what you do. Got exited, got something out.

Self service, learning,
Younger, tech savvie current adopters? Split, techie young v older traditional world consumer tradition media type with their thumbs.

Tech, de socialising email, voice and video now bring people back in, natural senese geared towards.

Idea of roadshow, that spreads the world.

Content producer centric what about listening, getting them to listen. Not everyone wants to share. Need to keep repeating the basics?

Talk to the non podcasters.

How much outreach did camp organisers.

podcasting stream to phone, cell, mobile

Cell 2bn 2m ipods.

Quality not so good on cell but convenience is brought to the market.

www.foneshow.com UI overview.

based on voicemail system. So you can forward podcast to friends vai Cell.

Widgets at source podcast and allows phone number sign up. Do decentralised signup.

Traction in white labelling in corporate training.

Sweet spot expected 5 minutes shows rather than 50 minute.

Ad sales ideas, CPC model for podcasting like google does for web. Why, give advertisers concrete RIO on ad cost? Hmm????

content focus now tech solved

Tim and Ryan 2 1/2 years of videocasting. video blogging

Bored of I am here. Now time to stories.

Distributed productions. Prof.s work in a team.

Baghdad video blog, team from across the world. Daily life of an Iraqi. Brain Connelley, brought cameras to Iraq. Won 7 vloggies. Going to be on CNN.

How do they do/create he show.

WIKI e.g. pbwiki organise project, work flow, story ideas, whole, screen cast every step.
And yahoo groups,
stingexpress file sharing tools and private group to exchange files.

People write comments, and net result is whole lot better than do yourself.

What to effect change? Help that process. Allow to compete with main stream.

Cool. exchange over cultrual (country boundries more mental barriers.).

Business model, donations driven at present.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

legal issues

green screen, dvrack demo.


creative commons Colette Vogele wiki

Gini Corporate law

learn from the 'veterans'

tip and tricks

Michael Gohagen, Pioneer movie buff. real reviews 2004 podcast. Works will disney Book podcasting solutions.

Gigabox media levelaider cool new tool.

Michael, rocknroll geek show. Are you ready to rock?

Robbie 15. the teamcaster pod network.

Vic Podcaster

Marcus vision entertainment. Cool hard rock heavy metal.

JA Donnelly, pod a hollic, main stream TV now podcaster, lot of pod casting.

Panel shares there motivated to get started.

What made it appealing, make it special, get the word out there. Talk to each other initially.
Mix into other communities, e.g. myspace, provide links to make it easy.
Focus outwith, podosphere.
Keep trying new shows, new ideas.

session 2 getting started podcampwest


Gerry, broadcast backgroud. Audacity tools

Kevin, podcast, enjoying as a hobby.

Kris Smith, Nov 2004 start, croonst.com 3 times a week and consulting.

Most people still don't know about podcasting. Sallie consumer of content. Still need a ipod? Only this audience 98% know about it. Producer and listening.

Not audio on the web. Brings RSS,
no need to worry about audience, can be large or small. Does matter. Open to all. Nil Cost.
Easy to get feedback. Two way medium. Extend conversation.

http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ free, and powerful, opensource, easy to learn. Fun
Methodology to create podcast. Committment, repeatable. Limited time.
1. record imput
2 Arrange files cronological order
3 Each file individual, not bits and pieces.
4 musical open and close
5 Segways between items file to file. Be best you can make them
6 Listen to your work. Take notes, brutal with yourself. Keep volumes constant. MP3 file and post.

Then start over.
Learn the short cuts, in the tools. e.g. controlZ

What about head phones from out loud speakers.

podcampwest unconference

live from the Swedish Hall in San Francisco.

podcastwest is a podcasting focused unconference.

Vic get things going with intro and thanks to sponsors.

Sean www.seanoandjefe.com top 5's music, talk etc.

Q. future of new media.

Slow erosion of radio, tradition?

Kris, medium will take care of themselves. Bring new fresh people into traditional industry.

Greg, medium path, user generate content, big media, half way between.

Medical industry interested but not, big pharma may fund.

Creative artist, can afford canvas to paint, very exciting. cost gone from thousands to nil cost as built in ad's. Also getting paid to make certain content. Portable movie studio. This world created in

revver http://one.revver.com/revver/browse/Editor's+Picks

Advertiser are coming to the side. Such is interest. Selling impressions.

Money to be made?
Can you quit your day job. Your knowledge is worth more, sell consultancy time and podcasting gives you the status to do so. E.g. 11 page what you get, charge.
Disagreement, will right $200, smaller business so it can be done.

Consulting, expo, MTV client, then lost them in 6 months. Didn't real him,
300 no money taken in. Real difficult. But provides status to charge consulting.

listening, viewing time is zero sum game, ie only 24 hours in a day.

Tim makes french maid.

Contextual advertiser, tv not very good at. Great radio, e.g. wine better on podcast then e.g. in between tennis on tele. This is big advantage over trad. media. Context.

Focus on your passion. CPM price heading down.

Greg beercasting, sold show within conference, not audio file. Podcast, give platform to build relationship. It's the quality of relationship.

Building an audience. Sceptical comes first and then comes the story. History of film making.

Transitionally period, sceptical, youtube loneygirl brings first story. Was real, not real, That is where are at. Emotionally engaged. Get them to care. Back to your personal passion.

Dealing with human emotions, askaniga has done, it. Comedy, deal with yahoo. Judge for talent show. Early stage, humour good place to start, Also, lust and comedy.

And real life, new puppy, kill the dog. lost people, gained people, just sharing emotion.

Polarise your audience, love and hate people, controversy builds interest.
E.g. on graperadio controversy, young wine maker, belittled them. Battle royale. Got them together on the same show.

Get preprade, podcastbrother.com show on creating a business out. Just ad a sales email on the website.

Just keep trying, no cost to trying. Very few answers found.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unconference James

CIMG1585, originally uploaded by jaycross.

You even get to write on the tables.

Friday, November 10, 2006

tagging session

Startup camp, tagging, tag beacons.

A good session on who are tagging, how they tag and why. Various mindsets on the reason for tagging. Tags now that broadcast a common tagid for a particular e.g. event web22 for this event.
Missed my train home at 10pm to I arrived home at 2am. Up at 8am and now back in SF.

First session, community.

Flickr commuinty tells story of my life, just like blogging. Photos community not that great for photo storage.

light weight, but deep relationships can/are formed.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

unconferencing again web 2point2 SF

There is a $3200.00 conference going on this week in SF. So, what happens, a $34.00 unconference springs up to unite the innovative grass roots.

Blogging live, more as the day progresses.

Get to know everyone, two circles of chairs facing each other. 5 minutes to get to know every second in the room. A little work on the schedule and it lunch time.

Great sessions ahead, main buzz around ABUNDANCE ECONOMY.

More unconference freedom in the afternoon.

Met a person I emailed in 199-7/8 time. That is the power of unconference, meeting people you would like to meet but have put no formal effort in to facilitate the contact except through the act up turning up.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

healthcamp 2 December 2006 SF

The first healthcamp unconference is set for Saturday 2 December 2006. If you are a health visionary, entrepreneur, radical free thinker or thought leader in the space, feel free to go to the wiki page and add yourself to the list of attendees.

The idea of having an unconference focused 100% on health is an exciting opportunity. During my time in Silicon Valley I have attended many events that have had health as their focus, baby boomer, life science, blogging, web2.0 and environmental networks but the over lap in people attending all these is very small. There are huge opportunities in health and healthcare right now and for these to be captured will require new thinking. We hope healthcamp will provide a great environment for those ideas to be openly exchanged. I am one of the co-planner of healthcamp. See you there.

shorts and t-shirt November summer

For the first time I find myself in shorts and t-shirt in November. Last week I saw the first rain I have felt in Mountain View since March. So I thought the winter rains were on their way but this weeks see a return of the sun and very warm, hot temperatures in Scottish terms.

speed geeking

mepath.com tokens, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

I entered http://www.mepath.com at the startupcamp unconference speed geeking. This involves pitching your idea, business etc. to the rest of the participants for 2 hours on day one and 1 hour on day two. Your fellow peers than have one token to vote for their favourite pitch. I am pleased to say we scored 5 tokens

Saturday, November 04, 2006

health startup discussion

health startup discussion, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

startupcamp, an unconference on startup's was held over the last two days. The unconference format bringing freedom, empowerment and open participation to all who attended.

I led a session on health and healthcare startups. Thank you to all who participated to make it a valuable session.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

startupcamp morning

Intro. unconference.

David, gets the enthuiasm flowing.

Use the startupcamp wiki and keep notes.

Including speedgeeking.

Got up and suggest startup in health and health care , opportunities, regulation , demos.

See wiki for all topics