Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring just starting in Aboyne

While daffodils Aboyne Green
While daffodils Aboyne Green,
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I took a walk around Aboyne today and spring is in the air. The daffodils are heading the charge with bright yellows and white's lighting up the rather dead looking trees and grasses.

California Cold

Back in Aberdeen
Back in Aberdeen,
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I left Mountain View with a killer sore throat and this has evolved to a full blown cold. Not much fun.

At least the temperatures back home are just about on par with California and the sun is out.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Part 1 & over n oot for now

A big thank you to all the great people that I have met during my time in the bay area. To many to mention by name, but you know who you are, house mates, swimmers, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, Scot's in the valley etc. I live in a world with high expectations and this trip has met and surpassed those I fore saw.

Thank you all for making me feel at home, part two starts in June.

Over n oot for now.


Entrepreneur Poem


To the change the world
A positive vision for all
Live your dreams every day
Change will start heading your way

Share with your team of believers
A single voice becomes a choir
Empower individuals to live
A decentralization of power will transpire

Take a chance on the world
It may just take a chance on you
Small every day changes make the day
An economy and environment in harmony

Doors close, but others open
Others just need constant knocking
Cold call, introductions are the key
Achievement is action and delivery

Success, cash and social goals
A world where you added soul
The next visionaries are on their way
Time to move over anyway.


Dedicated to entrepreneurs and those dedicated to the pursuit of the american dream.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Last event

Last event
Last event,
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Attended my last networking event today. Open Source business models was the topic and like the first and all those in between it was a valuable learning session.

The main difference from the first is that I new many faces at this event.

Thank you to Linda Holroyd, CEO of FountainBlue for organizing the event.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Was in Berkeley for the first time today. Berkeley just north of Oakland and Oakland is East of San Francisco, across the bay, reached by traveling on the Bart (underground) or across the Oakland bridge, a double decker road bridge.

I was out performing some research visiting the shop called the Elephant Pharmacy, the drugs store that prescribes yoga.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fun in the sun, swimming

Fun in the sun, swimming
Fun in the sun, swimming,
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Well, the sun has returned for my last week of my current trip. This means swimming out doors is taking on a new dimension. Instead of a quick dash to the pool to escape the cold, now its a brisk walk as the concrete has heated up to a hot temperature.

The water is warm and I don't feel like I have to battle the elements just to survive, let along concentrate on training. Maybe the heat or a maybe just a few more training session but my times were head down again. Shame it is time to leave.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

World Masters Pool 2006 Stanford

The pool is calm, Stanford Acquatics center is home to the World Masters Swimming Championships, August 2006. Lets hope the sky is as blue as it is today.

Sunday, April 16, 2006 new

The new home page of has gone live

See my latest blog postings, photos, videos, or even see the location I am at.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Santa Cruz 11 year on G & W

Made it back to Santa Cruz, CA today. The home for the summer of 1995 for Glyn Taylor and Craig Watson to work, rest and of course play.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bellzer & Beefy Escape from Alcatraz

Spent the day with Craig Bell, met up at lunch time in Union Square, San Francisco and then we headed to catch the ferry to Sausalito, which is north of SF or putting it another way the town at the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The bay waters is a bit choppy mid voyage but other wise it was a pleasant ride taking is great views of the San Francisco Skyline, Alcatraz Island and the general beauty of the North Bay.

Craig recommended a bay side restaurant, which served great seafood. Tuna steak, done on the rare side was the winner for me. Then we headed to Paterson's, Scottish Pub. Pretty quiet but it was set up by a Scot and so you could have been in a bar in Aberdeen. Made one other bar for a quick cocktail before catching the last ferry back to SF.

There was a queue(line) of people and quite a few bicycles, even one tandem. Two girls from Arizona had bicycled across the bridge but had decided to take the easier way back. We head down town SF again for a few hours, taking in a few beers and my low alcohol tolerance was catching up with me. We met a Southampton Phd researcher, Karen, who was in SF for a conference. Had a good laugh and chat and then it was a quick sprint to catch the last train home to Mountain View at 12 mid night.

Cheers for a great day out Bellzer. Catch you in Aboyne soon.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

New Home Page Preview

This is the proposed new home page for

Go check it out and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Swimming in the rain

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The rain keeps on falling. Ok, you are getting as wet as you can get swimming but it's still a strange feeling having the rain pit patterning on your head while you swim.

Mobile Monday

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Last night being the first Monday of the month. Rich software application for the mobile was the topic. Providing designers with the tools to publish with no hassle to mobile or cell phones.

Met a few folk from Finland. EU leads US in mobile technology is accept but I would watch out for the US in this next wave.