Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Huntly Castle

Huntly, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

From my limited history, this was the seat of the Gordon Clan, the so called 'Cock of the North'. The castle now in ruins the current head of the Gordon, The Marquis of Huntly resides at Aboyne Castle, Deeside. But how did that switch of homes come about?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Scotland - England - Wales - Scotland

I made my first ever visit to Wales last weekend, friends wedding took me there. What a great place, when I first found out where I was going I looking up their website and when I saw a picture of the scenery I commented, looks like home from home. And so it proved to be, we arrived in darkness that hide Wales but when I woke up, the Valley shone bright and I even managed to scale a local hill that opened up the whole of the Brecon area.

Wales Wedding Walk

I then crossed the border to England before heading home to Aberdeenshire.

Measuring guide

Following on from my last post on my made to measure trousers I am getting made by my local outdoor clothing manufacturer Hilltrek. I am lucky in that I am a 10 minute walk from their store but I did use their website to place the order. Their website has a form to input your personalized measurements on and this comes with instructions on taking those sizes but nothing beats learning from doing, so I volunteered myself as a 'model' in a video entitled, The HILLTREK Made to Measure Guide. Hopefully this will make it clearer and easier for inputting those personalized measurements.