Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scotland Land of Food & Drink

The First Scotland: Land of Food and Drink Conference was held at Gleneagles this week.

A two day conference, with each day starting with a look at trends, retailing trends day, one and on day two, tourism/food market research from visitor to Scotland. Then the rest of the days talked about 'farm to fork'. The supply chain to service retail demand. The retailer seemed to be used a lot as the customer for the supply chain. The end individual consuming the product is surely the customer. The second day saw smaller entrepreneurial farmers and hotelier share their stories. Stories that focused on the end customer, the individual. Much more enthusiasm and innovation from these speakers than on day one.

The CEO of Scotland Land of Food and Drink clearly articulated an ambitious agenda. There is clearly a big opportunity, thinking 'small' may however be the best way to realise those goals?

Scotland Land of Food & Drink, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

dataportability barcampscotland2008

friend of a friend

opensocial example. ref semantic

user in control in profile

Authentication is important e.g openID

WC3 to ratify?

Needs to be Free Patent Policy

Presenter Harry Halpin