Thursday, September 29, 2005

I have eventually gotten round to publishing my own website at So, no more cyber squatting at my parents website, . Please up date your book marks.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Carnferg Summit, Aboyne, Scotland, UK

The reason for the name of my blog, Aboyne Village, in the heart of Royal Deeside, Scotland, UK.

Conference season in UK

All the political parties in the UK are hosting their annual conferences around now. Yesterday, Labour, New Labour had center stage with Tony Blair, Prime Minister giving a stern, aggressive and demanding speech to his party. He was saying he is here to stay for a full term of government, he has lots to do, a self declared 'change maker'.

I didn't hear the whole speech but the most significant words I heard was his statement that in the UK the most important factor to affect your opportunities in life is still the wealth of your parents. Therefore, I assume his whole political agenda is to change this? And if I understand right, this means Education, Education, Education? No doubt education is crucial but our economy is a mixed one. Not far off, 50% State, 50% Government. Is this too much crowding out of opportunity? I would like to know what the number one opportunity factor in the US is? My guess it is the culture of its society.

Changing a culture would be my goal and with that, the level of government spending percentage will head south regardless of your economic school of thought.

Should just say that the Liberal democrats had their conference last week. If their has been a silent master plan (or brain) behind their positioning that has given them many new seats in parliament then I feel we can expect a good tussle in future elections. However, if they are getting votes just due to circumstances in the current political landscape then their meandering through political wilderness is set to continue. Next week has the Conservative Party taking to the stage.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Gala results

My times from the 15th Silver City Blues swimming gala: 200m Freestyle 2.25, 400m IM 6.05, 50m Freestyle 29.55 and finally 100m IM 1.17. Personal best times across the board. Also, swam in a couple of relays for Silver City 160+ team.

200m Freestyle was a classic race, my training mate Chris and I were neck and neck until the last length when my extra kick practice enabled me to edge ahead. Thanks for a great race Chris. I made my debut at the 400m Individual medley (IM) event. In a 25m pool that is 4 lengths of Butterfly followed by 4 lengths of back crawl, breast stroke and freestyle. I put in a good fly leg but paid for it on the back crawl leg, I only realized how tired I was when I flipped round on my front for the first brack crawl turn, the wall wasn't there! I some how managed to flip into the wall and make the turn. From then on, I felt I swam well. It's definitely a lung buster of an event but one I want to stick at.

A big thank you to Silver City and all officials, helpers and swimmers for putting on a great event.

Friday, September 23, 2005


It's the eve of the Silver City Blues Master Swim Meet . Got a few races, including my first 400IM. Preparation has not been ideal with injury but it is exciting to see what times can be posted. Results will follow.