Monday, September 26, 2005

Gala results

My times from the 15th Silver City Blues swimming gala: 200m Freestyle 2.25, 400m IM 6.05, 50m Freestyle 29.55 and finally 100m IM 1.17. Personal best times across the board. Also, swam in a couple of relays for Silver City 160+ team.

200m Freestyle was a classic race, my training mate Chris and I were neck and neck until the last length when my extra kick practice enabled me to edge ahead. Thanks for a great race Chris. I made my debut at the 400m Individual medley (IM) event. In a 25m pool that is 4 lengths of Butterfly followed by 4 lengths of back crawl, breast stroke and freestyle. I put in a good fly leg but paid for it on the back crawl leg, I only realized how tired I was when I flipped round on my front for the first brack crawl turn, the wall wasn't there! I some how managed to flip into the wall and make the turn. From then on, I felt I swam well. It's definitely a lung buster of an event but one I want to stick at.

A big thank you to Silver City and all officials, helpers and swimmers for putting on a great event.

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