Monday, October 30, 2006

Berry Falls, Big Basin, CA.

Berry Falls, Big Basin, CA., originally uploaded by ecotorch.

I was out and about hiking again this weekend. Berry Falls were at the end of the walk but it all started at the beach, in front of the Pacific Ocean. It was a fair hike, 4 hours or so. The trail was mainly in the shade of the Redwoods and other trees in the forest. A bit like an extend walk version of finding the Burn O Vat back home.

A big thank you to my pals in Mountain View for taking me to these amazing places I would not know about or be able to reach without them. Cheers.

Heroic will and unlimited energy

Words I read recently to describe a Scot that played a part in changing the world. Who?

Answer coming soon.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

River Dee Paintings

There are more preview images of Howard Butterworth's River Dee painting on the Butterworth Paintings website. The first being of the Bridge over the River Dee in Aboyne.

A percentage of painting sales are going to the River Dee Trust, so if you are in toon, go see the exhibition.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The power of PtoP

I attended an interview of Founder at Stanford this week. Prosper allows individuals to ask for a loan online and for others to buy that loan. The real genius I think is that you can just buy a small portion of the loan e.g. 10k loan, I may just want to buy $100 worth and I also get to set the interest rate e.g. 15% but if some one comes along an offers a rate of 10% then the seller of the loan will understandably be more keen to have a lower interest rate.

In the end of the day its just cash moving from AtoB, no big deal? It is though, it is a person to person transaction based upon trust. People are not so much buying cash but the story of the loan seller. The story is where the value lies. We are all heading towards the buying and selling of stories. A market place where we can trade our personal lifestyle data, PtoP.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday in San Francisco

SF bay view, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

Inspired and lead on by one of our Mountain View Masters swimmers we headed for a day in San Francisco. The enthusiasm for how hot it would be in the City. I wasn't so sure in it being warm in SF, as I have never found it to be so all through the summer, but I was proven wrong big time. The weather was hot, the hottest day I have ever spent in San Francisco, 21 Oct and 28C, was gussed at.

The day started off with lunch at one of the Peir Markets, then the hunt was on for some height. And as the photo shows, we found some. Then we walked north through China town on the pursuit of some chocolate and icecream. Which we found, delicious. Then we headed back into the City Center for a plate of garlic chips and a relaxing beer. A fun day out with friends.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

James, Jack and Sam Celebrating Scotland

James, Jack and Sam, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

An email crossed my inbox a couple of days ago inviting bay area Scot's to join First Minister Jack McConnell to Celebrate Scotland.

Terra, San Francisco was the venue chosen to show off pictures of the latest Scottish architecture, music from Royal Scottish Academy of Music and food and drink. I attended as the darkened photo shows.

Jack gave a speech where he listed John Muir as an example of a Scot that had to leave to pursue and realise his vision and passions. Another speaker listed another raft of Scot's from history that had taken the same path. And today, the rules stay the same, or at least that is the path I have chosen to take.

I met people from Aberdeen University Alumni and even Scot's that live a matter of minutes from me in Mountain View. We get around.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sunol Regional Park in the East Bay

I joined the Yoga is Youthful walk on Sunday to the East Bay. A cool cloudy day, ideal for the walk. A roughish steep climb started the walk before the medow like pastures higher up, a bit like hitting the moor land back home.

Great view, even saw my first taranchula spider in the wild. Wild turkey too.

Friday, October 13, 2006 blog

I'll be blogging along with my co-founders at the blog. Here we will share our startup story and conversation with those in the world that want to live in a lifestyle linking world.

Silver City Blues 21st Birthday celebrated it's 21st birthday last week. The club put on a ceilidh for past and current members. A whale of a time was had by all as usual.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mountain View Laddie

8,000km from home and nothing looks unfamiliar. That is a strange feeling. You could argue that Autumn in further on here in Mountain View, the trees that loose their leaves are bright reds and yellows and most of the tree has turned to Autumn colors. Back in Scotland, the mild temperatures have just produce tints of golden colours on the trees.

OK, the sun is shining in Mountain View and back in Aboyne it is grey and raining today. The wildlife is a bit different across here too. I was greeted by 4 racoon's last night before they sunk back in to the road side drain.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Green Autumn, Aboyne

Aboyne Clouds, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

As this photo shows, it a very lush green Autum in Aboyne. There is a hint of rustic gold in some trees but green it still winning. September was a record breaker in terms of highest average temperature, will October follow sutie?

Boat Inn Aboyne

Boat Inn Aboyne, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

If you are looking for a great place to soak up Aboyne life and to enjoy a good meal. Head for the Boat Inn, located next to the bridge over the river dee.

Eve of Part 3

I am heading back to Mountain View tomorrow. I am looking forward to see how far south winter has reached. I know the Colorado Peaks are white, will any in the Sierra's?

2006 is seeing me living the purest spirit of entrepreneurship and life has never been such fun.

From Fitlyke? to Yehaaa!

Monday, October 02, 2006 is the website we have launched to further our lifestyle linking health startup with. We are looking for individuals to sign up to the service so that we can get your ideas, thoughts and feedback directly into our service development.

We look forward to you joining us.