Thursday, October 19, 2006

James, Jack and Sam Celebrating Scotland

James, Jack and Sam, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

An email crossed my inbox a couple of days ago inviting bay area Scot's to join First Minister Jack McConnell to Celebrate Scotland.

Terra, San Francisco was the venue chosen to show off pictures of the latest Scottish architecture, music from Royal Scottish Academy of Music and food and drink. I attended as the darkened photo shows.

Jack gave a speech where he listed John Muir as an example of a Scot that had to leave to pursue and realise his vision and passions. Another speaker listed another raft of Scot's from history that had taken the same path. And today, the rules stay the same, or at least that is the path I have chosen to take.

I met people from Aberdeen University Alumni and even Scot's that live a matter of minutes from me in Mountain View. We get around.

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