Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Flight

Arrived in London on time and a leisurely 1 hour 30 minutes to wait for the connection. The flight took off on time, the back of the plane was fairly empty so I got three seats to myself, enough room for the stretch out and a sleep. I slept about half the time. Unfortunately, I missed Greenland but was wakened to take in Hudson Bay and most of Canada. Blanks of could hide most of the mountains in the West but as we dip below the cloud to land in San Francisco, white snow capped mountains of North California were in view. Below, I could see Silicon Valley, with highway 101 and 237 lining each side. And then the familiar block pattern of roads. I have arrived.

Monday, January 30, 2006

American Dream

I leave for California today to pursue my entrepreneurial vision of ‘lifestyle linking’. My location is to set up at Mountain View, CA, the heart of silicon valley.

Just a 4am morning to catch the 6.30am flight to London then 11 hours to the west coast of USA.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Festive Fun is over again

Happy New Year to all family and friends.

Aboyne missed out on a white Christmas 2005 as the snow came a week early then two days late. Christmas Eve saw a special school reunion of my school friends at the Boat Inn. It has been around 10 years since I've seen so many friends in Aboyne.

The first week of 2006 is under our belts now and I am making plans to move to California. More later.