Monday, April 10, 2006

Bellzer & Beefy Escape from Alcatraz

Spent the day with Craig Bell, met up at lunch time in Union Square, San Francisco and then we headed to catch the ferry to Sausalito, which is north of SF or putting it another way the town at the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The bay waters is a bit choppy mid voyage but other wise it was a pleasant ride taking is great views of the San Francisco Skyline, Alcatraz Island and the general beauty of the North Bay.

Craig recommended a bay side restaurant, which served great seafood. Tuna steak, done on the rare side was the winner for me. Then we headed to Paterson's, Scottish Pub. Pretty quiet but it was set up by a Scot and so you could have been in a bar in Aberdeen. Made one other bar for a quick cocktail before catching the last ferry back to SF.

There was a queue(line) of people and quite a few bicycles, even one tandem. Two girls from Arizona had bicycled across the bridge but had decided to take the easier way back. We head down town SF again for a few hours, taking in a few beers and my low alcohol tolerance was catching up with me. We met a Southampton Phd researcher, Karen, who was in SF for a conference. Had a good laugh and chat and then it was a quick sprint to catch the last train home to Mountain View at 12 mid night.

Cheers for a great day out Bellzer. Catch you in Aboyne soon.

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