Sunday, November 19, 2006

DIY should never mean doing it alone

Go to your Peers, Podcasting, videocasting etc.

All peers, listeners to content generators. All the same.

Mike Watt, look up or look down get a kink in the neck. Shoulder to shoulder better.

Group 2

Q should be help people share, grow comminity

Invest time other podcasting learn, is it important?

Sharing what worked, did not work. Try, things to try. Not to be afraid. Throw out crazyness.
All unique, not equal, different perspective.

Movement to force change.

Will equal radio, will that crowd out new people via intimation.

In the long run, better if you build your own brand.

Should we invest our time?
Yes, $10 class, 2 hours, here is what you do. Got exited, got something out.

Self service, learning,
Younger, tech savvie current adopters? Split, techie young v older traditional world consumer tradition media type with their thumbs.

Tech, de socialising email, voice and video now bring people back in, natural senese geared towards.

Idea of roadshow, that spreads the world.

Content producer centric what about listening, getting them to listen. Not everyone wants to share. Need to keep repeating the basics?

Talk to the non podcasters.

How much outreach did camp organisers.

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