Saturday, November 18, 2006

learn from the 'veterans'

tip and tricks

Michael Gohagen, Pioneer movie buff. real reviews 2004 podcast. Works will disney Book podcasting solutions.

Gigabox media levelaider cool new tool.

Michael, rocknroll geek show. Are you ready to rock?

Robbie 15. the teamcaster pod network.

Vic Podcaster

Marcus vision entertainment. Cool hard rock heavy metal.

JA Donnelly, pod a hollic, main stream TV now podcaster, lot of pod casting.

Panel shares there motivated to get started.

What made it appealing, make it special, get the word out there. Talk to each other initially.
Mix into other communities, e.g. myspace, provide links to make it easy.
Focus outwith, podosphere.
Keep trying new shows, new ideas.

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