Saturday, November 18, 2006

podcampwest unconference

live from the Swedish Hall in San Francisco.

podcastwest is a podcasting focused unconference.

Vic get things going with intro and thanks to sponsors.

Sean top 5's music, talk etc.

Q. future of new media.

Slow erosion of radio, tradition?

Kris, medium will take care of themselves. Bring new fresh people into traditional industry.

Greg, medium path, user generate content, big media, half way between.

Medical industry interested but not, big pharma may fund.

Creative artist, can afford canvas to paint, very exciting. cost gone from thousands to nil cost as built in ad's. Also getting paid to make certain content. Portable movie studio. This world created in


Advertiser are coming to the side. Such is interest. Selling impressions.

Money to be made?
Can you quit your day job. Your knowledge is worth more, sell consultancy time and podcasting gives you the status to do so. E.g. 11 page what you get, charge.
Disagreement, will right $200, smaller business so it can be done.

Consulting, expo, MTV client, then lost them in 6 months. Didn't real him,
300 no money taken in. Real difficult. But provides status to charge consulting.

listening, viewing time is zero sum game, ie only 24 hours in a day.

Tim makes french maid.

Contextual advertiser, tv not very good at. Great radio, e.g. wine better on podcast then e.g. in between tennis on tele. This is big advantage over trad. media. Context.

Focus on your passion. CPM price heading down.

Greg beercasting, sold show within conference, not audio file. Podcast, give platform to build relationship. It's the quality of relationship.

Building an audience. Sceptical comes first and then comes the story. History of film making.

Transitionally period, sceptical, youtube loneygirl brings first story. Was real, not real, That is where are at. Emotionally engaged. Get them to care. Back to your personal passion.

Dealing with human emotions, askaniga has done, it. Comedy, deal with yahoo. Judge for talent show. Early stage, humour good place to start, Also, lust and comedy.

And real life, new puppy, kill the dog. lost people, gained people, just sharing emotion.

Polarise your audience, love and hate people, controversy builds interest.
E.g. on graperadio controversy, young wine maker, belittled them. Battle royale. Got them together on the same show.

Get preprade, show on creating a business out. Just ad a sales email on the website.

Just keep trying, no cost to trying. Very few answers found.

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