Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mountain View record heat 42.222222 degree's

I lived through the hottest recorded day in Mountain View yesterday. 108 Fahrenheit, was recorded in old money at that is 42.2222222222222222 celsius. The order of the day was survival. Had to cancel my Supper Happy Developer House attendance as it was too hot to travel, carrying myself let alone a laptop across the south bay was going to be a challenge.

Just about as hot today, so I have come to my favorite internet cafe to ride out the heat of the day in their air conditioned environment. I have now lived 2 months with out rain and no house pipe ban or water shortages to report. It is interesting to contrast that with back home when after a 2 week hot spell the water use restrictions start.

Here's to a cool sea breeze forming for the week ahead.

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