Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th July, time to learn the anthem

Happy Independence Day, Untied States of America.

Swimming today was on the holiday schedule and after a few lengths warm up the coach made us tread water and sing the national anthem. Well, flower of Scotland does fit to well with the stars and strips tune so I just contributed the odd la, la la in there to feel part of the occasion. In all truth is was very entertaining.

BBQ and fireworks is the agenda for the day. So, I will report on that later.

My new house mate had prepared a tasty BBQ feast. Roast potatoes, Asparagus, Coleslaw and two juicy types of sausages. All served out side on a dry and sunny afternoon.

At night, I met up with my former house mates to watch the fireworks at Shoreline near the bay. They kept us waiting but when the fireworks arrived they were entertaining. I don't think I have seen such circular explosion before. Flickr photos

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