Saturday, July 29, 2006 live

Just finished breakfast at my first . There is a lot of buzz in the air and I look forward to participating in the sessions ahead.

Welcome from Elisa, Lisa and Derri? (need to get the name). 700 blogger attending today. The day is all about participation, the music for the introductory slides fails, so the blogger start a sing along. Set the tone for the day.

Microsoft live girls take to the stage, like a comedy double act. They can talk! Talk about buying a house, on to home improvements, challenge, here is the plug, msn content integration to bj blog on msn. Sharing home moving experience via blog helps.

Emily 'cooper' takes to the stage, Katrina hits, blogged to donate items to victims of Katrina. Miracle happened, people read and posted, they in turn, posted on their website to a full blown relief agency. Tens thousands readers in day, so "freakin cool". Now, used for local service for people moving to new towns, cities or regions. Concept of 'grass roots' New Orleans green spaces. "women bloggers can change the world"

Mary Hodder, blogging allows you to speak with out needing to shout.

Jen Professional, did mommy blog panel last year. startup with two other mums. What about risk? Took 10mins to trust co-founders.

Food, class, politics, wealth. Blogging chef. May1 immegrate post. Food industry employ lots of immigrates. Upperclass get access to chef school. eggbeater

Step mothers are blogging.

Erica, chicken -feminist blog combined both words, who she is. Take a moment of your life and capture it. A saved experience. Keep long distance friends, close. Make new friends, she never new before that share same interests. In professional life, she believes blogs make society closer to the stage to ACT. Non techies want to be part of impacting the world, as users talking and participating in the technology evolution for the planet.

OZconn. Opensource, commuity. 98% men. Kaliya, identity women. "not enough women involved'

Drupal development of website. Culture kitchen blogger. Drupal open source, but still not user driven. Used moveable type. 'bitch on wheels' for open source. Mena Trott, give female input to be user driven.

Mille Garfield, change her routine. Paper and coffee. Now go, computer and check comments. Thinking more. First read about it newpaper, bostonglobe, asked son, set up blog. thurrleymotherymille. New friends all over the world. Share life experiences.

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