Saturday, July 29, 2006

martha session

shangri-la diet (book) about set point and how to adjust and how to continue to eat normally but with a more balanced POV

Panel: intros knitting, arts craft, lunch.
Gaila community magazine
Andrea shera supperhero jewellry. blog personal.
Pim, food blog shapehim

blogging to monetization, community trade off's

Why does you site stand out?

Obsession with gardening, Gaila, could not relate to her experiences, non traditional, poor, renter. Mass media direct to money of gardening, middle class focused. Off line option expensive, she was a niche. She wanted to fill.

Marthy: free patterns, tutorials, some sales to pay for website costs. Find passion

Gaila, follow her passion.

Pim, 2001, 2003 food blogs, not many at start, first movers advantage. Main stream press refers to Pim. They come to her. her blog audience became her customers, for shopping website.

[note from FOOD blog session, blog urls will be on website, need to check.)

Gaila, big media, corporate world does come knowing on your door. Need to watch your back. Sign contract to own you. Against spirit of her. Need to be a real "hard ass". Paid fair but kept her rights.

German example, blogger now lead large german media network, web2.0 stuff, blogger get paid in print edition.

Pim, moving to food to tv and book to make money? Steam of work coming to her. Things just come. Then be careful how corporates use your work, e.g. what does the contract say. Find good agent, they are on your side.

buying spirit of the blog, i.e. person, not the jewellry. Create life, design your life. Also life coach, FUN AND EASY, wont do it or I won't do it.

Craft. give reason for coming back. give away, links

Pim, brand comes when you find your voice, know your self and you will find your brand.

be yourself, not authentic, people will know, so just be yourself.

book non fiction, 15k to 75k .

Paid for blogging, size of audience, <100>1000 unique, get paid at this level $3-5. SME, Larger, 70-100$ per hour.

Gardening no.1 hobby, bigger than golf. Gaila could not sell out to existing corporate model.

Monetization, must be inline with personal brand.

blogging too domestically e.g. knitting, yes, but be happy to be yourself them again.
Guy friends make fun of you, Gaila, like making things.
Andrea painting, hussleing your takes for ever, fun and easy, beading jewelry.

womens work, broad side to male driven corporate world.

24-38k internal blogging inside corporation.

Gaila, yougrowgirl blog and book, interest in idea, get info. out there, not all about the cash, sell out a little bit.
Start up all about stumbling upon, you could be martha stewart, at that stage, stage to manage??? Pim found agent that lives your vision too.

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