Saturday, December 02, 2006

healthcamp 1.0 Session 11am Room C


Real world today,

Focus on helping people already but problem already.

75% of diagnoisis treatment, etc. does not work. Does not want to find an answer.

Personal example, breast cancer. Go back at look a basics biochemistry. food nutrients.
We are all different on the inside like the out side.

We are just find out what the gene, e.g. need to eat XXX

Bacreatia billions, antibioteics wipe them out, how do
Depression, more linked to gut to

Modern thinking. Set mind sets are not looking at right.

Base of medicine of medicine not right.

Need facilities to get educated.
Social availabilty of food. Food purchased on the good.
School, starting. Oakland examples.

Carbohydrates. 25 years ago, fat seen as bad. So, carbohydres increased, refined. but quickly converted to sugar thus, Spikes.

Role for government? Vested interests. Not with indivdual, but for big pharma, etc.

Food industry, bought by tabacco industry.

Social movement,

Media blitz.

Emotional impact on over all wellbeing. Linked to when eat, Works both ways food intake.

What is breakfast? Oats and fruit. Or omellete protien. Brain development. Protein plus complex carbohydrate.

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