Tuesday, December 19, 2006

comedy tuesday palo alto

Looking for a laugh on a Tuesday evening in the bay area, check out comedian Erikka Innes at Rudy's bar, University Avenue, Palo Alto, from 10pm, .

Introducing the comedians.

1. Richard Kiss
2. Pamela Borhk
3. Bob Johnston
4. Nato Green
5. Erikka Innes (co-host)
6. Michael Magin
7. Julie Myers
8. Al Gonzales (co-host)
9. Jeanette Castanon
10. Veronica P.
11. Xavier Marin

A great night of laughter, a more detailed review soon. Got a bit of time travel ahead of me.

Back on GMT, Christopher welcomed the audience, and I cordially returned the greeting but that invited a focus on me, nothing beats audience participation (it is the era of user generated content?) these days! It was fun and laughter filled the room.

The first act was a bit on the nervous side and that dampened their energy. You could see where the stories were going and with more confidence, we would reach the punch lines in more anticipation.

Bob, up from LA, a great use of his 'Father', making fun of himself/family but in a positive. The tale I liked best was about his father's interventions in helping (not) with his dating.

Nato , An endearing and instantly funny (unique) voice, he uses it well. Once he got into his flow, he ditch the notes, he introduced a series of sexual humour jokes and then there was no stopping him. Very funny.

Erikka, co-host of the evening took to the stage with confident strides. She went easy on us initially and then upped the intensity as the topic of relationships took her fancy. Then she upped the intellectual standard as she magically brought great philosophy observations to us. If only Uni. lectures were so entertaining and funny. Wanting more of this humour, the red light called time. I am looking forward to listening to more of this type of humour.

Julie, on stage for the first time, a bold introductory statement. A well thought out routine, required a bit of thinking but I liked that. I am sure with practice she will take more of the audience along with her.

Al, co-host of the evening. The first and only sit down performance of the evening. But that did not translate to a lack of energy although I did worry about some of his stretches for his pint. Audience participation was fantastic in this set. Stanford students providing good fodder and yours truly helping out again. Luckily Erikka was sitting next to me by this time. A classy turn by Al.

Jeanette performed a short and well thought out set with plenty of energy. I was left wanting more and I am sure she will fill out her material with time.

Veronic was counting down the minutes to her birthday. Full of gusto and volume she told tales. She has an infectious laugh, you can not help but join in.

Last up was Xavier, a nice use of red wine as a prop to suggest how drunk he was but he later he showed how switched on his mind was when we brought home the set to much laughter. A great finish to an evening of original humour.

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JeanetteCastanon said...

I just came across this now but I wanted to thank you for the write-up. Veronica wasn't the one with the birthday, i was....but hey...we both have good laughs. Thank you for coming out and supporting the live comedy. Hope you can come out again.