Saturday, December 02, 2006

behavioural change afternoon session

Interaction designer

prevention of obesiety.

1. lack exercise
2. poor diet.

Foucus on food.

two friends, cook together. Voice conferencing between homes when cooking.

End result,

half recipey each.

Interest was. Education, prevention theme.

Factors. Accountability, peer support, Statement of values,

Focus on science today. Need to focus on doing. How to cook rather than, science of nutrition.

Compliance the issue? Co operation to bring into compliance.

How do frineds find the partners. Find friends phyical world or online.

Use mentor model? Grandma to grand child.

Focus on

Which meal.

How practicalities.

Focus women, try new things, aware of issues.

Integrate into

Good demo and idea

Need to start earlier

Children, education.

But in a loner society, tuff to implement.

Start at basic level.

Buy apple or Cliff bar?

Cost of fresh food are same as processed? Economy scale.

What are cost of time? Fresh, processed time quicker?

Time barrier of freshstart too hight for the masses? View.

Time, tv vieiwng 2800 hours a year. 10 year of expereince in TV.

Which age group do you start? Educate elders, parents and pass down to children.

Behaviour change??

Emotional impact,

Food has become a form of entertainment.

MacDonalds popular, low cost, soical mixter

Could be real time video via msn messenger etc.

Boredom, but think of commute time.
Even repetitive expert job, because addictive. Just like drugs.

Build in rooms, to stop trip to vending machine.

Bottom up and small. change focus.

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