Saturday, December 02, 2006


Better data mining.

Better , better data, better corrleations. We will know what will happen in the future. Preventive, or patient outcome.

Uneven distribution of people

5% for 40% of healthcare cost.

Will insurance exlude this group in the future.

Some people do cost more. Healthy subsidise ill. Young v old.

Old insurance modeling no longer.

Need not a binary thing, huge grey area,

Self forming communities of help, e.g. neighbours.

Context so broken. For community. Single houses. Co. getting paid for nure to go the home.

Merchant, driven from creation of US states.

Problems with self help neighbours, liabilities.

Used to work for extend families.

Painful to change.

Insurance. Ethics. genome company, informatics. Consumer tool kit. 24 random home, can correlate to whole universe to all human kind.

Insurance. Today works, rate statitic s events, The system works.

In new age, this thinking is broken.

Self insurance plans, within the corporation building the statistics. So, they can say, our employees are healthier than average so give us better deal.

Corporate insurance, do much work to get real statistics. Standard form fill is so basic.

Forget govt and insurance. Focus on self. Info. genetics, food etc. etc.

Let self forming peers. Thus society chooses the pooling.

Insurance just costs alot.

Why does insuarance cost too much. System broken.

Open source healthcare.

80% could be gained from bahaviourial change.

Stanford hopital are starting personlisation.

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