Friday, February 17, 2006

Web 2.0 event

At last a day where I was focused on staying at home to catch up with emails, send emails and prepare presentations. I have been asked to fill in a half hour spot at a conference on Saturday. I was originally only attending as a paying guest, then my Scottish network asked if I would like to present. I grasped the opportunity. So, now I get to attend for free and will get exposure via my talk. Just need to prepare one in 48 hours.

Jon and Sarah took me out for lunch before it was back to the laptop. We now have wireless DSL, broadband in the house. So, it is all systems go. I've been running operations from various cafe's. It's good to get out but maybe not so good for the diet!

Again out this evening networking at web 2.0 focused event. Some call it the next Internet bubble but there is real substance to this new wave of innovation. Its not about technology, is about how social interactions are evolving online. I've seen and be innovating around this concept since 2001 with the ecotorch toolbar etc. I been watching this trend emerge from Scotland via my co bloggers and it the reason with I have upped sticks to be here in Silicon Valley.

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