Friday, February 17, 2006

Consumer control example

Those of you who chose to read this blog have to actively or proactive choose to view and read it. To ease the convenience of this many of us blogger will choose to view other bloggers postings via a RSS reader. That is a tool that will inform you of up dates to blogs you are interested. I use MyYahoo! to keep track of the bloggers I get value from.

You will notice I have a MyYahoo button to the right of this blog. If you are a member of yahoo click on this button to sign up to my blog feed. That is if you want to?

If you are familiar with RSS feeds then you can also use your mouse to copy the FEED link to acquire my XML URL. Cut and paste it into reader.

This concept is so important. Us, we the consumers can now dictate what content or news reaches us. If we don't want it we can switch the feeds off. We can cluster together new stories from multiple sources that we trust rather than some web designer or business limits us to view or read.

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