Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Perfect Timing, right next door to failure

One of those thoughts/observations that I have been thinking about: how perfect timing is right next door to failure. You turn up at a bus stop a second before the bus arrives, excellent. A second late, your late, their is no possibility of getting on the bus. OK, you can be two-200 seconds early but there comes a point of the opportunity time cost that out weighs the benefits. Anyway, it could be -30c at the bus stop, that may kill you.

Today, I am waitng for my new laptop. A day too late, but my timing was almost perfect, the old one just gave out yesterday. One day out still brings pain, the need to wait in to sign for the new one and not having access to my local email history etc. All files are backed up on the web so I will download them to the new machine. In fact, most of my files are online now so all I needed was to ask a friend for access to their PC, which I was grateful for the use of today.

Startups and perfect timing. I think all entrepreneurs would take perfect timing over all other variables e.g. skill, intellect, money, people. Being at the right place at the right time wins out, history would show. While missing a bus is a big pain but being early is just a wait, being early in a startup market is/can be painful ie. the costs in terms of time, money or frustration on the response of others can accumulate to a point where failure is reached. However, true grit, determination and persistance can win out as you expand the odds of perfect timing heading your way.

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