Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost on Light Rail

I was two stop along on the light rail service heading towards Yahoo! offices when a person on the platform popped their head in to say that the elderly lady he was with was lost. He was not getting on the train so asked if anyone could comfort and help the lady. He thought she needed to get to a station called Tasmin. I was at the other end of the carriage but no one else seemed to be listening so I nodded my head and the elderly lady came and sat across from me. I restated the she was looking for Tamsin station? She replied in what I assumed was one of the Chinese languages. So, I went and pointed to the map? But her main priority was looking out of the window trying to recognise a familiar landmark or building. She was clearly upset and she took out a religious/lucky charm type objective which we said a prayer too. It is frustrating when you want to help more but you can not communicate via speaking.

I also knew that I was getting off in the train on a couple of stops, many before the Tasmin station so I was thinking about what I could do before leaving. Luckily, the stop before I left a new passenger got on the train so I went up to them to explain the situation and ask if they could point out when the train arrived a Tasmin station. They were happy to help. And as I left the train, I heard the lady talking to the passenger. I had the feeling she would find her way. I hope I was right.

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