Monday, November 07, 2005

Birsemore sunshine walk

I forgot to take my camera out with me on this walks so no pics today. I did however have my aunties dog Bella with me. Biresemore Hill walk starts with a climb up the Fungle and of the three options at the top, you take a left turn to head east. The first task on this walk is to cross the Fungle Burn. Now this used to be a straight forward leap across, skipping off one stone. But a heavy period of rain a couple years back washed away the bank to double the distance of the leap. So, when the burn is following high you need to wander down the hill to find a more management, yet still energetic one leap crossing. Bella chose to dive straight in and crossed it that way.

For the first time in weeks I scored a sunny day. While we are in November the day had a spring like warmthl to it. The pleasant wind was tugging at the trees and the Spruce needles were gently raining down, the brown needles spiraling there aim on a downwards angle.

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