Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Aboyne Walks

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The gateway to all my walks on the south side of the Dee Valley start with a walk up the Fungle. It's a great word Fungle, replace the F with a J, and you get Jungle and the walks itself has a Jungle feel. The burn tumbles over waterfalls and rocks to produce constant sound and the water encourages a range of broad leaf ferns in the shade of old birch, oak, maple trees lower down with plantation style firs higher up.

And your legs will know you are heading higher. There are two notable, leg burning, steep sections that quickly elevate you from the flat valley floor to the moor and heath land plateaus. By good fortune a local forebairn of Aboyne invested his wealth in the appropriately named, Rest & be Thankful resting spot, complete with scenic views of Aboyne Village.

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