Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Conservative Party Leader

The Conservative Party used lasts week conference to give their 5, now 4 leadership contenders a platform to make their pitch to members and the viewing public. While I don't have a vote this time, I predict David Cameron will win.

There has been a big debate in the Conservative Party about whether the members or MP's should get the final say in selecting the leader. This is due to three thumping defeats at General Elections that some put down to the election of, as they see it weak leaders in the past by the members. However, members keep the final say but I would remind MP's they will draw up the short list, so it's really a shared process.

One final prediction. One of the key Conservative themes will be Tax Simplification at the next General Election. Looking far into the future this will give a platform to change the tax system from an Income tax based system to an Expenditure tax based economy. This will be a global trend driven by globalization and environmental issues.

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