Saturday, November 12, 2005

Walking in the wind

Friday night saw some wild winds in Aboyne and by Saturday morning they had abated but they were still brisk. I headed up the fungle with Bella dog, my aunties dog. The great thing about the Fungle is that it is sheltered. Hardly any wind direction will get through to the Fungle path.

The Fungle walk was just the start of the walk as Bella was heading for her first walk up Carnferg and boy was it windy up there. With the wind at your back, it is you friend. But a poor friend. As soon as you turn into it, it rips into you, tugging, tugging, annoyed that you are in its way. All you can do is keep the head down and hood zipped tight around the face. By the time you reach the bottom the wind is light and friendly again. Carnferg is not the heighest of hills but still the wind and cold can combine even here to test life.

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