Monday, September 06, 2010

Winter clothing 2010-11

The first Autumn long range weather forecast I read has been issued. Looks like the Scottish hills might be in the running for an early winter coat again. This would not be that unusual, the last two Novembers have produced heavy snow falls and skiing has gotten underway. Late epic and long lasting snow in the Deeside hill meant my skiing jacket took a fair amount of wear and tear, plus it was getting on, it now in the recycling bin. What is the best new jacket to look for? In terms of extreme performance I was taken by the performance of the new hilltrek ventile Nikwax outdoor jacket. It been tested to the extreme in arctic conditions. The noticalbe feature I liked about in this review is its performance in removing moisture after exertion. As a back country free skiier this is a big deal. The effort of climbing up a hill or mountain produce a lot of body sweat but once you stop this moisture chills you and even on a clam day the windchill produced by speed of skiing down hill makes descents chilly. So, I am keen to explore this jacket for next season. Hilltrek's made to measure tailoring allows for personalization of the pockets and design, us free skiing like pockets as the rucksack will be holding our ski boots!

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