Friday, August 25, 2006

California Consistancy - weather

It is approaching three months since I have felt rain on my head. This is by far the longest period I can recall with out seeing a shower. All that is of to change as I return to Scotland next week. Atlantic weather fronts are already sweeping across the UK, driving temperatures down and producing bright echos for the radar to pick up.

This is my first full summer in Mountain View, and what is struck me the most about the weather is its consistency, blue sky every day, not the whole day, fog is almost daily in the bay but down the bay it is gone real early on most days. The temperatures have been consistent too, mid twenties, OK, one week of real heat, 42.22c a MV record, that was way too hot. And another benefit of the climate is that the nights are in general cool, making it easy to sleep. All in all I have experienced why people are drawn to the California lifestyle.

For me I like my weather a bit more changeable and the number one reason for living here is still the people that makes silicon valley the home of Interent innovation.

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