Wednesday, November 20, 2013

own your own marks -tribesports

I received my TribeSports half zip top yesterday. A community powered sports brand.  The product was funded via the website. A concept is they channel the communities feedback into a design team and then they cut out the middle business marketing to give you a top quality product at an affordable price. The product feels real great and the fit is good.  Not had it in full outdoor action yet.  Will act as a buffer layer between my skin / vest layer and an outer fleece.  Then I d complete the winter setup with a waterproof shell.  I d like to see the personalization go much further, user uploads their size measurements so we don't need to adhere to small , medium or large sizing and for features like zips, vents etc. some interactive options online so we can provide feedback on our personal preferences.  Overall, this concept is the future of sports clothing and for all clothing at that.

nomark -tribesports, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

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