Sunday, May 29, 2011


Last week I became the owner of my first Mary Butterworth print. The painting is called Pulsar and I collected it on Friday from the @BallogieGallery that Mary's sister Sarah runs. I have been lucky enough to see Mary develop this ability to capture dynamic night time scene of Aberdeen, so I am really pleased to own Pulsar. The reason I like this painting is that is combines a place I know well with the mystic qualities of space (where does that tunnel go to?), captured in the picture's name. Now, this might sound a bit geeky, but I asked Mary to write the opening sentence describing a Pulsar from Wikipedia on the print, which she kindly did. Coolio. By the way, that white light in the photo is not a Pular, nor is it in the painting, it is the flash from the camera!

Pulsar, originally uploaded by ecotorch.

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