Thursday, June 07, 2007

best trip

This is my fourth trip to Silicon Valley and by far the best. Last year was all about putting out the vision: lifestyle linking, learning and meeting people. The most notable difference with this trip is that people I had not met last year but had seen me demo or heard me talk would come up and ask how we are getting on. That provided much positive energy to our venture.

Mountain View is a great place to live, my 'Aboyne' of Silicon Valley. I have swam and trained more on this trip, still not consistent but enough for me to compete in a master short course championships and my first ever competitive open water swim. Not every thing went to plan but you learn and let the vision guide you forward.

All the above is possible because of the great people I have met and now call friends from co-founders, entrepreneurs, swimmers, co-workers, event organisers, people that have listen to me pitch, and many more. Thank you all for making my time here the best.

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