Wednesday, May 09, 2007

judgement - information

I listened to a story of great depth last week, told by Carly Fiorina. She talked about the need for diversity in your team and how information overload, how to deal with vasts amount of information was one of the top 3 skills to have (probably no.1).

I think, those two combine to set up a great metaphor for the use of the Internet. We have choice. We can choose where to search, we bias what we are looking for by what we type in. The search engines are not reading our minds (they are starting to try). So, we have access to all this information, make sure you get diversity of content and remember, all possible interpretation of information will be presented. Judgement is require, our judgement, don't assume all the judgements taken to retrieve your information align with you. Hone your judgement skills and you will get more out of the world of information on the Internet each and every day.

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