Monday, January 22, 2007 me aggregation

The home page of was updated a few weeks ago. I have not been able complete the objective of the page quite yet as coding is not what I do. What was the objective? To aggregate me.

I think is would be fair to say, I create aboynejames, for me first. I use it every day to make my online experience the best and most efficient. The links to the website I visit every day, with the hardware I use, acting like single sign on, why, the identity industry can not do that for me right now is beyond me. I know the reason why, they are working on empowering websites, not individuals with that empowerment.

ithink, the words I introduced the last paragraph is a new section I have introduced. The big idea for is to aggregate my blog feeds and other media assets, photos so that all the recent changes found in my whole online life are reflected on this page. was my hope for outsourcing this too but I now understand what they are up too. It's not what I thought originally but it still needs to be created, the ability to create your own decentralised social community. However, I want to aggregate that community with all the others I belong too, online and off. Only, me can do that. What the Internet community can do is help me find the parts I need to make it all happen.

As present, each social community has its own help and tools for collecting feedback etc. So, I as an individual, I need to learn all those methods, plus I may not be even using their website when I think of the feedback. me aggregation will expand to provide give me with the empowerment to create that world. I won't write the code, but I will find it.

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