Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No.1 on

Since launching in September I have been after the goal of making it appear as the no.1 search result on Google for the words, James Littlejohn. This week, I realized my goal.

About 10 years ago I opened my first ISP account, 56k modem days with CompuServe. Paying £15.00 a month. This included your own webspace. Using Microsoft Word I built my first ever webpages and posted them up. Altavista was the main search engine or at least my preferred search service in those days and after a while, I realized myCompuServe homepage was no.1 for my name. When cheaper and free ISP's came along I changed my loyalty and closed the increasingly expensive CompuServe and left its propriety usability behind. However, they kept my home page live for at least 4 years. I had moved and updated my website to other hosting locations but my Compsure listing still sat top of the search results until a clear out session must have taken place.

By now my web skills had advanced a great deal and why use someone else's webspace when you can own your own directly at a low price? So, was purchased and populated with a far greater breadth of content than my first Word html pages. I tell this story to reflect on the vast improvements made on the WWW over the last 10 years, I am sure the next 10 years will produce even more. And I am sure I will see an exponential difference in the look and feel of my home website by then too.

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